Scandinavian Subscription Summit 2020

- the first official gathering of the unofficial subscription movement

WHAT           Scandinavian Subscription Summit 2020 by Subscrybe

WHERE         Bella Center Copenhagen, Denmark

WHEN           To be announced


We believe subscription is better for people, planet and profit. That’s why we’re looking to unite anyone who might share that belief at the first annual Scandinavian Subscription Summit.

Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the greatest minds and pioneers within subscription transformation, customer retention and churn prevention, and subscription excellence. You’ll be the first to see the answers to the new, Scandinavian Subscription Survey, taking the temperature on the subscription economy in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

You’ll see Scandinavian subscription heroes as well as international subscription mavericks on stage – they all have one thing in common: they believe in subscription, too, and they will show you how they turned their belief into practice and good business.

Last but not least, you will experience the annual Subscription Award 2020, the first and only, where we showcase and honour some of the greatest subscription businesses of Scandinavia.


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By Subscrybe powered by Norstat

Subscription seems to be everywhere these years. More and more companies are looking at subscriptions as the answer to higher growth and loyalty among their customers, and consumers just seem to love subscriptions. And now, for the first time, Subscrybe has taken the temperature on subscriptions in Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian Subscription Survey is the first comprehensive study of The Subscription Economy in Scandinavia. During spring 2020, we have asked 3,000 consumers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden about their subscription habits and preferences. In this keynote, Subscrybe will for the first time share the results from the survey. The keynote will also bring you many more insights into subscribers and subscription businesses based on hundreds of subscription projects performed by Subscrybe during the past years, and we will be looking into some of the trends that we think will be forming the subscription landscape in the decade to come.


10:00 - 10:30   |   Generating subscription growth 

By Goodiebox

How do you get 2,000 new members every week for a whole year? Goodiebox know the answer to that. Under the motto 'Unbox Happiness', they are growing at the speed of light. In 2019, they hired two new Happiness Heroes (ed. employees) a week, as they tripled the number of employees to 150 and the number of members to 150,000 - all in just one year. Also the revenue tripled, as they hit a whopping MDKK 180 across nine countries.

Aside from a subscription box filled with beauty surprises and happiness, Goodiebox' key to subscription growth is truly knowing and caring for their members. In this keynote, you'll learn how Goodiebox use anthropology and behavioral understanding to help strengthen their relationship with their members. Our guest will most likely ask the question: "Are you going for one-night stands or a lasting relationship with your customers?" In other words, he'll demonstrate how a strong emphasis on curation, personalisation, discovery, and surprise, make the ultimate subscription experience.

In 2012, Goodiebox was founded by Nikolaj together with Rasmus Schmiegelow. They believed (and still do) that shopping is about appealing to the emotional side of the experience, offering a genuine intimate customer relationship where you are prepared to do everything for your customers. It's simply insufficient to just focus on search, inventory, and relevance.

Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjorth is the Co-Founder and CMO at Goodiebox. Nikolaj is a serial entrepreneur, who's worked with start-ups for more than 20 years. He has a vast experience in subscription strategy and development.


By Salling Group / Fillop and Semler Gruppen / Dribe

It's one thing to create a subscription business from scratch – another thing is to transform a traditional transaction-based business into subscription. These two business models are like night and day. Your perspective goes from selling a product to a customer, to building relations over time. Your key performance indicators go from optimizing gross margins here and now, to increasing gross profit over time. Your focus becomes increased Customer Lifetime Value. Your product mix changes and so does your value chain and your approach to product development and innovation. Through three inspiring cases, we will tell about three Scandinavian companies that have seen the opportunities of the subscription business model and are now transforming their businesses to subscription. Our guests will introduce us to their subscription products and introduce us to their strategic ambitions behind this transformation. They will openly and candidly share the results already gained, as well as the challenges and learnings of the transition.

Subscription Retail | Fillop by Netto is Salling Group's new big subscription offering. With this, the business model is turned upside-down, moving from classic retail transaction sales to a recurring subscription delivered to your doorstep.

Claus Hovge Andersen, Head of Digital at Salling Group, will tell us about the fundamental strategic considerations, aspirations, and purposes of Fillop. Among others, he'll share the thoughts behind Fillop's beta test and why it's been fruitful. He'll introduce us to the challenges and barriers they've met, along the way, with consumers and internally in the organisation. He'll also comment on the significance of data and knowledge about customers and how they work with this to optimize the subscription experience.


Mobility-as-a-service | In 2016, Semler Gruppen decided to challenge themselves, as they realized that the car and transport industry is facing drastic change - and that traditional car sale as we know it is under enormous pressure. Tomorrow's consumers don't necessarily want to own their car - and they don't want to commit themselves as much and as long, as required by classic car sale.

Lars Eegholm, CEO at Dribe, talks about the consumer and market trends that fueled Semler Gruppen's strategic decision to create Dribe, the company's separate subscription business. He'll give us a unique insight into the considerations, opportunities, and challenges that arise, when you take responsibility for teaching consumers a new way of driving, while running a business at arm's length from the core business and 'mothership'.

13:00 - 14:30   |   FIGHTING CHURN WITH DATA 

By Zuora, Schibsted, and another experienced churn-talent (TBA)

Customer churn is the bane of subscription businesses, and data can help you understand the causes of churn and take action to reduce it. But there are many misconceptions about churn, and pitfalls around churn analyses and communicating the results. Through an extended session with three experts on how to fight churn, we will take a deep dive into the complex and important topic of churn. This session features Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist at Zuora, Tor Jacobsen, SVP and Chief Commercial Officer at Schibsted, and another exciting speaker, who will be announced soon.

Carl Gold will present a concise roadmap to fighting churn with data, point out important pitfalls at every step, and share real case study examples. The focus is on the discovery of powerful data-driven metrics that reveal the value created for customers, while highly usable throughout an organization. These insights are based on the dozens of predictive churn analyses Carl Gold has done for customers of Zuora as Chief Data Scientist, and material from his book: Fighting Churn With Data. Following this talk we will learn from two Scandinavian media companies on how they use data in their daily fight for minimizing churn:

    • Norwegian-based media company Schibsted, the company behind successful news media brands across Scandinavia like Aftenposten and VG

Both will share insights and demonstrate concrete actions based on data and insights. The session is concluded with a joint debate - hopefully, involving you and the rest of the audience.

Zuora's Chief Data Scientist Carl Gold is the creator of the Subscription Economy Index and master of the data science behind Zuora's Subscriber Insights. Carl has a PhD from the California Institute of Technology and has first author publications in leading Machine Learning and Neuroscience journals. Before coming to Zuora, he spent most of his post-academic career as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. Now a data scientist, he uses a variety of tools and techniques to analyze data around online systems. Carl is currently writing a book, Fighting Churn With Data, on using data to increase subscriber engagement and reduce churn.



Tor Jacobsen is Senior Vice President and Chief customer officer at Schibsted, where he has the responsibility for the user revenue (including subscriptions) across Schibsted News Media brands. Tor has earlier experience from management consulting in Deloitte and Nielsen. Before that, in addition to several positions in Schibsted, he worked in the telecom company Telenor. Tor has in his career especially focused on consumer orientation, technology, sales/marketing, and business development.

15:00 - 15:45   |   Behind the success of... 

To be announced 

…we are still working to complete the programme – and we plan on introducing you to a renowned Scandinavian superstar within the subscription industry. Stay tuned.



By Subscrybe 

For the first time ever, we'll showcase and honour some of the greatest Scandinavian subscriptions. Across four categories, we're looking to present and celebrate good work. The categories are:





While we invite everybody to nominate, we've asked a special group of people to help us assess submissions, to elect the rightful winners. This group is a jury made up by people, who's insightful and experienced in the subscription arena, e.g. from running subscription businesses or through years of loyal subscription service. So, please share your nominees for the most original subscription idea, best growth case, best loyalty programme, or most sustainable subscription right here before 1st September 2020.



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18:00 - 21:00   |   Networking & hygge *

To be announced 

Keen on meeting other subscription enthusiasts in a more intimate setting?
Join us for an evening of casual networking, debate, and ‘hygge’ on the night before the big day.

    • Networking
    • Food and drinks
    • Entertainment

* The programme is currently under construction and is subject to change.



    • Access to the official programme of the Scandinavian Subscription Summit 2020 on Thursday 5th November, incl. food and drinks
    • Access to the voluntary networking event on Wednesday 4th November, incl. food and drinks
    • Meeting with like-minded subscription enthusiasts and selected industry specialists who will demonstrate and showcase the latest in subscription


    • Get your ticket no later than 16 February 2020 at 2,750 DKK (approx. 3,655 NOK**) per person
      (note: only a limited number of tickets – first come, first serve)
    • Get your ticket after 16 February 2020 at 3,450 DKK (approx. 4,635 NOK**) per person
    • Get your ticket after 1 September 2020 at 4,500 DKK (approx. 5,985 NOK**) per person

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Being a Scandinavian conference, most speakers will be presenting in their native language, i.e. Danish or Norwegian. As we have invited a few speakers from abroad, there will be a couple of presentations held in English as well. All slides are in English.


Coming from abroad and looking for a place to stay? Book a room just around the corner at Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, at special rates (your Subscrybe price is already calculated on the site).


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